Personal Injury Attorneys: What Separates The Best From the Rest

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With so many options to choose from, the process of finding and hiring the best personal injury attorney near Fort Lauderdale for your South Florida injury case can be confusing and overwhelming. In a separate Clayton Trial Lawyers (“CTL”) blog, we outlined a few ways how you can go about choosing the right lawyer for your case. But what if, after exploring those avenues, you’re still left with more than one option? In this blog, we’ve identified some of the features and characteristics that the best of the best attorneys should have—these characteristics will help you determine the best South Florida injury attorneys from the rest.  

Experience and Results: Many law firms and their blogs will separate these two characteristics into two different categories—but we don’t think that makes much sense. Firstly, a client won’t want an attorney with decades of experience without results. The other side of the coin is this: you can’t have results if you don’t have experience. 

That’s why it’s important for you to look at the attorney’s experience and track record for success. The combination of these two things will ensure that your personal injury attorney near Fort Lauderdale has the familiarity and expertise with the settlement/litigation process, as well as the capability to win your case and obtain the highest settlement award possible for your injuries.  

Excellent Communication Skills: Communication is a two-way street—it flows from you to your attorney, and it should always flow back from your attorney to you. This means that your attorney and their support staff should be accessible to you. Relatedly and additionally, your attorney should be a great listener and an eloquent speaker. These characteristics will ensure that your attorney can: 1) understand your case and have all the relevant facts surrounding your injuries, and 2) persuasively and convincingly present your case to an insurance company, opposing counsel, or a judge.  

Highly Educated with Superior Interpersonal Traits: Your attorney should be well-educated, and he or she should also have distinct interpersonal traits. All attorneys received their juris-doctor degree—but not all graduates are equal. Find an attorney that graduated from the best schools and programs. Even better, find an attorney who continues their legal education—these attorneys have a grasp on all the latest developments in the law and legal field. Plus, the best attorneys have a keen investigatory sense—they can piece together facts and present your case with precise details.  

Client-Centered: The best attorneys care about you—the client; they give each client specific and individual attention. The best attorneys also care about the client personally, about their recovery, and about maximizing the amount of compensation to make them whole again. Find an attorney who cares about you in a deeper way than just your status as a client.  

If you want a group of elite injury attorneys that meet all the criteria described above—there’s no waitin’ call Clayton. A great personal injury attorney near Fort Lauderdale will have unique experience, talents, and skills to get you results, and CTL’s reputation in the community is second to none. At CTL, our lawyers attended and graduated from some of the best colleges and law schools in the country. Most importantly, CTL’s lawyers and support staff care deeply—and take pride in—representing you and your rights. For your South Florida injuries and accident cases, don’t hesitate to give CTL a call.