Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation

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Intellectual Property Litigation

Clayton Trial Lawyers, LP provides clients with IP enforcement, protection, and strategic counseling. We successfully handle trademark, trade dress, trade secret, right of publicity, database/screen scraping, domain name, copyright, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) litigation, as well as computer software, cloud, mobile and Internet-related disputes and defend data privacy, security breach, and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) class action suits.

Trademark Litigation

A trademark serves three functions. First, it is an indication that all goods identified by the mark come from or are sponsored by the same source. Second, the mark is a guarantee of the uniform quality of the goods it identifies. Third, the mark serves as an advertisement, for without trademarks there could be no advertising.

If a third party’s trademark infringement, unfair competition, or trademark dilution occurs in or affects commerce, the trademark owner may file suit to recover the damages caused by such misconduct and to obtain injunctive relief precluding future such misconduct.

Clayton Trial Lawyers, LP is experienced at representing both plaintiffs and defendants in high-stakes litigation involving both large and small trademark cases that span numerous industries and implicate all types of trademark rights. William Clayton has successfully represented one of the largest auto rental companies in the nation in a $300 million trademark dispute as well as a prominent Las Vegas casino in defending the use of their federally registered trademark.

Trade-Secret Litigation

Trade secrets are valuable assets that make a product or service unique and provides a business a competitive advantage over their competition. Once a trade secret is exposed, the company’s competitive advantage may be quickly compromised and swift action may be necessary to minimize harm.

We help businesses enforce their trade secret rights and defend them in high-stakes litigation

Clayton Trial Lawyers, LP represents businesses that have had their trade secrets misappropriated. When the situation demands, we are able to take decisive and often case-determinative measures immediately upon notice of a claim of trade secret misappropriation. Clayton Trial Lawyers, LP’s litigation team has defended and brought motions for temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, and orders to show cause when necessary to protect such rights. As a result of the diversity of experience in our practice, we have represented clients in trade secret matters in all industries throughout the United States.

We represent individuals accused of trade secret misappropriation

Clayton Trial Lawyers, LP is adequately equipped to defend those individuals wrongly accused of trade secret violations. Our firm is eager to help you restore your reputation by providing you with an aggressive and result-oriented defense. Our team of litigators is available around the clock to provide you with the legal advice you need and deserve during trying times.