Should I Hire an Attorney After an Accident?

injury after a car accident

An accident—especially one that results in an injury—can be an incredibly stressful event. Sometimes, tragically, the result of an accident can be life-changing. A question that victims often ask is: should I hire a personal injury attorney after an accident? There are several reasons why it can be critical to hire an attorney if you have been injured in an accident, including:


1. Expertise: Personal injury attorneys not only have specialized knowledge about your case, but they also have specific legal experience that can prove to be an invaluable asset as you are proceeding with the next steps of your claim after an accident.

2. The other party has denied responsibility: If the person who caused the accident has denied responsibility for the incident and your injuries, you would benefit from hiring an attorney who can help you gather the evidence you need to successfully argue and prove your claim.

3. Negotiation skills: Personal injury attorneys can also negotiate with the insurance company or the defendant of a case so that you can receive the best possible settlement for your claim.

4. You are unfamiliar with the legal process: An attorney can help you navigate the claims process from start to finish, including what to say to an insurance adjuster, how to protect your rights, and finally, how to settle the claim so that you recover compensation for your damages.

5. Representation: Attorneys can ensure that you retain your right to sue the party responsible for your injuries and represent you in court should your case go to trial. Having elite legal representation is often critical to financial recovery, especially in cases that enter the legal process.

6. Time: There can be no way to overstate how stressful the aftermath of an accident can be. However, hiring a personal injury attorney can alleviate some of the stress by saving you precious time. An attorney can help you concentrate on your recovery instead of dealing with the consuming and potentially complicated process of an insurance claim or litigation.

7. You need to focus on your recovery: An accident that has resulted in injuries can leave a victim to deal with an incredibly stressful process. From dealing with insurance adjusters, medical bills, and loss of work, an accident victim can have difficulty focusing on his or her health and recovery without an attorney. An attorney can take over the logistics of your insurance claim so that you have the peace of mind to focus on you.

8. Financial resources: Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that that they will not be paid unless the case is successful. Therefore, you do not need financial resources to hire an attorney, and can instead devote any resources you have toward your recovery after an accident.


Generally, hiring a personal injury attorney can not only help give you the best opportunity to obtain the compensation that you deserve for your injuries and losses, but it will also save you the burden of handling your own insurance claim. While ultimately the choice to hire an attorney for your personal injury accident will depend on your personal goals and the individual circumstances of the accident, we recommend that you contact Clayton Trial Lawyers to speak with our elite team of professionals about your case.