How should I prepare for Hurricane Ian and other Severe Storms?

How should I prepare for Hurricane Ian and other Severe Storms?

how to prepare for hurricane ian

Many forget that Florida, typically known as the “Sunshine State,” is also home to some of the most severe rain, thunder, and wind storms in the nation: hurricanes. As Category 3 Hurricane Ian looms in the Gulf of Mexico and targets Florida’s west coast, many Floridians are taking steps to ensure that they remain safe as the hurricane passes through their home state. Even though safety is everyone’s top priority, there is another major factor to consider when preparing for a storm threat: property damage. Wondering how to prepare for Hurricane Ian? While your property or homeowner’s insurance may cover certain damage in the event that a hurricane impacts your home, it is important to take steps to ensure that you have all the evidence you need to support an insurance claim. One such step is an easy one to make: take photographs of your home in the days or hours prior to the storm’s arrival.

Taking photographs of your home before the hurricane arrives—and before any damage occurs—is perhaps one of the most important steps to take to protect your property. An insurance company will have difficulty denying an insured’s claim, either partially or altogether, if the insured can show pictures of what the home looked like before and after the storm.

What should I photograph?

Taking photos of all areas of the home, including the inside and outside of the house, is pivotal to ensuring that you can recover the maximum possible amount from your insurance company. Make sure to take pictures of areas that could be susceptible to flooding, especially the corners of ceilings and floors. Take pictures of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, dining rooms, and garages. Plus, although the roof might be the most difficult area of the home to photograph, try the best you can to capture the sides of the roof—it can still be helpful in the unfortunate case that the home sustains roof damage.

Everyone has heard the phrase: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The adage rings all the more true when it comes to property damage after a storm subsides. Pictures can be useful tools that will help your property insurance company determine the extent of the damage sustained at your home and help you recover all the necessary funds for repairs.

So, wondering how to prepare for Hurricane Ian? Take pictures of everything before any potentially damaging winds and surges hit.