What Happened at Camp Lejeune?

Those who were harmed by the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune can now apply for compensation from the federal government. Camp Lejeune is a Marine Corps camp in Jacksonville, North Carolina, that had contaminated water sources after decades of exposure to dangerous pollutants and chemicals. As many as one million individuals, including military personnel, their

The Devastating Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian hit Florida’s southwest coast as a Category 4 hurricane and left behind catastrophic wind and flood damage. As the state begins to recover from natural disasters, safety will remain a top priority. Remaining safe in hazardous conditions will require taking critical precautions: use generators as the instructions outline, beware of—and avoid—fallen power lines,

How should I prepare for Hurricane Ian and other Severe Storms?

Many forget that Florida, typically known as the “Sunshine State,” is also home to some of the most severe rain, thunder, and wind storms in the nation: hurricanes. As Category 3 Hurricane Ian looms in the Gulf of Mexico and targets Florida’s west coast, many Floridians are taking steps to ensure that they remain safe

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Speech to European Union, 3.1.22 — Excerpts

 We’re dealing with killed people, real life. You know, And, you know, I believe that we today we’re giving lives for the rights, for freedom, for the desire to be equal as much as you are. We are giving away our best people, the strongest ones, the most value-based ones. “I speak today now

Property Insurance Case Law Update: Florida DCA Opinions from August 2021

Property Insurance Case Law Update: Florida DCA Opinions from 6/7/21 – 8/13/21 Clayton Trial Lawyers (“CTL”) remains committed to providing its clients with premier, best in class representation. As part of this steadfast commitment, CTL is excited to inform our clients about the latest developments in the property insurance space by summarizing the most recent

Florida Property Insurance Case Law Update: June-July 2021

As part of Clayton Trial Lawyer’s (“CTL”) steadfast commitment to serving our clients, CTL is excited to relay the newest Florida case law update in the property insurance world. This case law update includes summaries of important written opinions from Florida’s District Courts of Appeal issued in the month of June. Specifically, CTL looked directly

Matergenics Issues Preliminary Report on Surfside Condo Collapse

World-Renowned Corrosion Engineering Expert Lays Out Possible Causes of Tragic Event Offers Specific Inspection and Condition Assessment Recommendations for Nearby Buildings of Similar Age Additionally, Leading Florida Lawyer William Clayton Foresees Multiple Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Future Fort Lauderdale, FL – June 30, 2021 – Matergenics, a state-of-the-art materials testing laboratory and corrosion