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Thousands of truck drivers, passengers, and other motorists are killed or seriously injured in truck accidents around the United States each year. In fact, statistics indicate one in every eight accidents involves a truck, and thanks to the amount of traffic in and around Miami, it’s as true here as it is anywhere else in the United States. If you were a victim in one of those accidents, you’ve probably found yourself looking for a truck accident lawyer in Miami. 

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, make sure you’re getting the proper medical care. Then, the single best thing you can do is to reach out to an attorney who specializes in cases like yours. Our team can help you from the initial days after the accident to the long wait for the insurance companies to compensate you for your pain and suffering. We’ll protect your rights from the moment you call us. 

Understanding Why Truck Accidents Happen

Truck accidents are incredibly common, and unfortunately, they happen for many different reasons. Distracted driving is one of the most common issues involved in truck accidents, and it’s not hard to see why. Drivers sometimes have trouble staying focused in Miami traffic, and sometimes, they’re eating, drinking, or on their phones as they drive. Once a driver takes his or her eyes off the road, even if it’s just for a few seconds, accidents can and will happen. 

Drivers are often too tired to focus. After all, they’re expected to sit for hours on end. And as they begin to get tired, their reflexes slow down, and their reaction time decreases considerably. Because drivers tend to earn bonuses for faster deliveries, they’re willing to drive while they’re exhausted to earn a bit more. 

Accidents, though, aren’t always a driver’s fault. Oftentimes, maintenance failures cause accidents. While trucks are required to be maintained across the United States, some companies tend to neglect standard maintenance tasks to save money, which often means trucks around Miami are on the highway with brake issues, tire problems, and even steering wheel issues. 

Some companies even intentionally overload their trucks to save money. That can force a truck’s load to shift, causing a driver to become imbalanced on Miami’s roads. The results can be disastrous for an unlucky innocent driver on the road. 

Remember, no matter why a truck accident happens – whether it’s the result of distracted, drunk, or drugged driving, or if it’s the fault of the trucking firm itself – the reality is that it should not have happened. You should not be in this position. You deserve maximum compensation in these cases, and selecting an attorney that specializes in trucking accidents in Miami can help make that happen. 

Having the Right Truck Accident Lawyer in Miami is Key

If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, you could find yourself not only confused and overwhelmed, but also seriously physically injured. Bills for the repair of your vehicle as well as your medical care pile up quickly as soon as an accident happens. What’s more, though, is that you may not be able to work after your accident, and that can create additional problems. An attorney who specializes in truck accidents can help. With the compensation you deserve, you can manage the effects of your accident. 

A good amount of the time, you can expect compensation for all of your initial and follow-up medical expenses, replacement for your lost wages, and reimbursement for your pain and suffering after the accident. In some cases, you may even be able to get punitive damages should the court find the driver or company may have caused intentional harm to drivers like you on the road. This often happens when the driver is found to be engaged in distracted driving or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

With the right attorney on your side, you can prove the driver, the company, or even the truck manufacturer was negligent. The best attorneys work to subpoena the black box immediately before information can be erased, gain access to the company logbook, and speak to witnesses and experts to help recreate the scene. Steps like those are essential as you work to prove your case. 

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The time to file a claim after you’ve been in an accident is limited to just four years. Because the investigation phase can take so long, contacting an attorney immediately is a must. 

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contacting a Miami truck accident lawyer right now is the best way to get maximum compensation. The trucking firm and the insurance companies are going to work fast to minimize their role in the accident. The sooner you begin working with one of our team members, the better chance your case will have. Learn more when you reach out to us today.