Why Clayton Trial Lawyers Should Represent You


Here at Clayton Trial Lawyers, we are compassionate to our clients and ruthless toward our opponents. We go to war for our clients and we win. As experienced and winning trial lawyers on high-profile, high-payout cases, we hire experts to evaluate your specific case to uncover every opportunity to increase your compensation. We know how to accurately calculate pain and suffering, lost wages, and opportunity losses, as well as business and financial losses. And we know how to go after the parties who are responsible. We leave no stone unturned to help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

We will not hesitate to take your case to court, because juries love us and we win significant jury verdicts. Insurance companies know our reputation. They know it’s not worth it to fight with us – therefore, we win significant awards and settlements for our clients.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims:  We work closely with business owners to ensure they are correctly filing a claim with their insurers due to Covid19 – to protect your rights.  We know you have sustained massive financial losses due to closures.  We can review your policy and chart a plan for success.

Personal Injury: Your entire life can be turned upside down — in a single moment — by a catastrophic accident including death and life-long injuries.  We work closely with victims and loved ones to ensure that those who were negligent are held responsible and you are properly and justly compensated.

Large Landlord and Tenant Disputes:  Many residents of your apartment complex are not able to pay their rent due to job losses from the pandemic. Or, like in New York City, a government order says you just have “to take it” and tenants do not have to pay. However, you as a landlord may still have a mortgage, taxes and other bills to pay.

Contact us to discuss your personal case. We represent clients in personal injury, bad faith, and breach of contract cases, as well as business interruption insurance claims and insurance cases involving business, employment, construction, and intellectual property.