When to Contact a Construction Site Accidents Lawyer

hard hat and gavel from a construction site accidents lawyer

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, and even so, there are nearly 400,000 construction employees in Florida. They are involved in constructing buildings, bridges, homes, and roads. While there have been a number of improvements over the last few decades to improve safety standards in this industry, workers are still subject to occupational hazards in the workplace. In fact, one out of five deaths in the workplace occur in construction based upon data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. Unfortunately, whether the accident involved a construction worker or a civilian, the outcomes can be particularly catastrophic. If you are a civilian or a construction worker who has been involved in a construction site accident in South Florida, it is critical to contact a construction site accidents lawyer as soon as possible.

Situations that would warrant calling an experienced attorney in South Florida include serious injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and any life-changing disfigurations. If you have had an incident at a construction site and are not sure whether or not your injuries warrant a visit to the doctor or emergency room, it is better to be safe and seek medical advice as soon as possible

Tragically, deaths continue to happen in the construction industry. These cases, which can be deemed Wrongful Death cases, can be complicated. In these Wrongful Death cases, is especially important to speak with an experienced construction accident attorney right away.  

How Does Workers’ Compensation Affect What Comes After a Construction Accident 

In Florida, construction workers are covered by workers’ compensation benefits in the event that someone is hurt on the job. The workers’ compensation covers medical bills and lost wages whether the injured worker is at fault for the accident—or not. Nearly all Florida business construction employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance in order to cover employees who are injured while on the job. Regardless of fault, an employee may obtain compensation for lost wages and medical bills following an injury. Therefore, an employee is not required to establish negligence in order to receive compensation. If you need to obtain workers’ compensation or have done so and are unsure of the next steps, the experienced south Florida injury attorneys at Clayton Trial Lawyers can help you navigate your workers’ compensation claim.  

In lieu of paying for a premium on workers’ compensation insurance, employees give up the right to file a lawsuit after a workplace incident in many cases. Therefore, Florida law makes personal injury legal claims complicated. In most cases, workers’ compensation does not cover the extent of damages associated with construction accidents, which include catastrophic injury, the loss of a loved one, or temporary or lifelong pain and suffering that you’ve had to endure.  

How Can a Construction Site Accidents Lawyer Help Me in South Florida? 

However, because construction site accidents can involve multiple factors, such as employer negligence or third-party liability, it is still important to call a construction accident attorney. Employer negligence happens when an employer acted negligently and that negligence caused an accident that resulted in injuries. In some situations, third-party liability can include a sub-contractor or equipment manufacturer. At Clayton Trial Lawyers, we have decades of commercial litigation experience to help you navigate your workers’ compensation claim and file a lawsuit if needed. We understand that South Florida construction site accidents can change your life forever and keep you from living the life you had. We will fight for you so that you can move forward with your life and obtain the compensation that you deserve.  Contact us today!