What to Do if You Were in a High-Rise Accident

high-rise construction site in florida

For many residents that live in the south Florida metropolitan areas of West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, an apartment building, high rise, or condominium building is “home.” Furthermore, with the growing development of south Florida cities, more and more high-rise buildings are being constructed throughout south Florida for use as residencies, office buildings, and storage space. Here is what to do if you were in a high-rise accident. Whether you’re at work in a high-rise building, at home in your apartment complex, or somewhere in between, accidents happen. Accidents, personal injuries, and property damage may occur right at home in a high-rise building, and tragically, the damage to one’s person or property can be serious.

So, what if you were involved in an accident or personal injury while visiting a high-rise office building? Or what if you were injured in your own condominium or apartment complex? What steps should one take to protect their legal rights and be able to seek compensation for their losses and damages? The premier South Florida personal injury attorneys at Clayton Trail Lawyers offer the following steps to take after experiencing the hardship of injury or property damage at a high-rise building:

Immediately Seek Medical Attention for Personal Injuries

Whether it’s a slip and fall accident, a security breach, or property damage, the most important step to take following a high-rise accident is to seek medical attention for any personal injuries sustained during the accident. Notably, too, accident victims may need to continue medical treatment in the weeks or months following the accident depending upon the severity of injuries. Your health and well-being are paramount considerations that should be addressed first and foremost after a high-rise accident.

Take Note of Any Witnesses or Dangerous Conditions at the Accident Scene

Gathering information following an accident is crucial to one’s ability to maximize their recovery of monetary compensation for damages. Following a high-rise building accident, whether at home or at work, take note of any eyewitnesses to an accident, and take photos of then existing conditions that may have caused the accident and personal injuries. If property damage was caused by the high-rise accident, be sure to take photographs of the damaged property as soon as possible following the accident itself.

Contact Management for Any Video Surveillance Footage of Your Accident

While pictures might be worth a thousand words—videos are worth even more. Many high-rise properties, apartment complexes, and condominium buildings take video surveillance of the areas directly outside the building. Some buildings also take video surveillance footage of the public spaces within the building. Oftentimes, video surveillance footage will capture the exact moments before, during, and after your high-rise accident. Therefore, it is crucial for maximum recovery that you obtain such video footage from the high-rise building property management or security office.

Contact Elite South Florida Injury Attorneys to Fight for Your Rights

The days, weeks, and months following a high-rise accident are often stressful and confusing. Many times, accident victims don’t know where to start on their road to recovery physically, mentally, and financially. However, an experienced south Florida injury attorney will be able to advise you of all your legal rights following an accident. There are many legal theories available to hold high-rise property buildings responsible for your injuries including negligence and premises liability.

At CTL, an elite personal injury lawyer will work with you to ease your path forward, offer guidance, and fight on your behalf to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you or someone you know was involved in a high-rise accident, don’t hesitate to call CTL for a free consultation with an elite team of experienced professionals.