What Can a Florida Disability Lawyer Do For You?

If you are suffering from a disability in Florida, you’re not alone. About twenty-five percent (25%) of Florida residents have been diagnosed with some form of disability. Many of Florida’s disabled residents face challenges with finding and maintaining a job, navigating government-administrated financial benefits, and taking advantage of insurance claims. You need a Florida disability lawyer.

The processes associated with maintaining a healthy routine and work-life balance are not made any less difficult for Florida’s disabled residents. In fact, insurance benefits, social security benefits, and claims reporting processes are so complicated that a Florida resident may need advice or help throughout the various processes.  

The experienced South Florida disability attorneys and support professionals at Clayton Trial Lawyers (“CTL”) have decades of experience advising disabled clients on their rights, regardless of the setting. Here are just a few ways that a Florida disability lawyer can help you: 

Fight for Your Rights Against Your Insurance Company 

Disability insurance companies are profit-oriented business machines that will minimize insurance benefit payouts to maximize profits. As a result, many disabled Florida residents do not have the right insurance coverage they deserve to help them manage their daily lives. A Florida disability attorney can help advise you on how to maximize your insurance benefits and advise you on the right policy for your unique situation and disability. 

In addition, a South Florida disability lawyer can make the insurance claims process easy for you. Moreover, the disability attorney will fight on your behalf to ensure that you receive the maximum possible payout for your insurance claim. When making insurance claims for their clients, the elite attorneys at CTL have a reputation for delivering sizeable settlement payouts from insurance companies. 

Advise You on Your Social Security Disability Claim 

South Florida disabled residents are often eligible for Social Security Disability payments. These payments can be a “difference-maker” in the everyday lives of disabled individuals who are facing obstacles to making ends meet. A Florida disability lawyer can help you assess your potential eligibility, gather relevant medical records, build your initial application, apply for such payments, and navigate the appeals process for any denials of such applications.  

Hold At-Fault Parties Accountable for Your Damages  

If your disabilities were caused by an accident, a South Florida disability attorney can advise you as to whether you have a potential claim against another person, business, or company for financial compensation for causing your disabilities. At CTL, you’re able to get a free consultation with a top-notch attorney or a first-class legal professional to find out what your case might be worth or to see whether you’re entitled to any recovery. If a person, business, company (or any of their respective insurance companies) fails to pay you what you deserve, CTL will not hesitate to fight for your rights by prosecuting your case in court. 

Don’t Wait—Contact South Florida’s Elite Attorneys at CTL to Fight for Your Rights 

An experienced South Florida disability attorney will be able to advise you of all your legal rights related to insurance, government benefits, and a claim for damages. There are several meaningful ways that a disability lawyer can help you make your life easier and less stressful—give the attorneys at CTL a call. When it comes to enforcing South Florida’s disabled residents’ rights, here’s no wait’n, call Clayton!