Top 5 Reasons to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

get a lawyer after a car accident

After a car accident, is it always necessary to seek the services of a lawyer? For most minor accidents where there is no injury or only a minimal injury, there may not be a reason to consult with a lawyer. But if the accident is major and you have suffered a serious injury, should you seek the advice of a car accident lawyer then? How can a lawyer help? There are a variety of reasons to seek legal counsel after a car accident.

  1. Your rights: Most people who get involved in a car accident have no idea as to their rights. Sadly, many speak freely at the time of the accident to the other party or the insurer, and often their words come back to haunt them. Right after a car accident, you are not obligated to speak to your insurer or the other party other than to exchange the relevant licensing and insurance information. If an insurer wants to settle the case immediately, you have the absolute right to decline that offer. When insurers feel that you have a strong case, they will usually call and ask for a settlement. While this may sound noble, they will always offer you the bare minimum amount of compensation for your injuries. In such cases, you should tell the insurer that you will have your lawyer call them. A car accident lawyer is apt to be experienced in negotiation skills, knows the law, and can get you a much better settlement.

  2. Your total damages: Following a motor vehicle accident, most people want compensation for damages to the property. But this is only a small part of your compensation. A personal injury lawyer can get you compensation for all your present and future medical bills, cost of rehabilitation, lost wages, any disability, and pain and suffering. As well, if you are the main source of income in your home and have lost your job as a result of the accident, the lawyer can get you additional compensation. Experienced car accident lawyers deal with car accident injuries regularly, and they know exactly what is involved and what you may be able to receive.

  3. Knowing the legal system: Lawyers know the law as it applies to car accidents. They can help collect the information and establish factors relevant to your accident. Lawyers know what rights you have and what you should do and not do. Plus, there are many rules and regulations for submitting the paperwork. If you try going it alone, you will have to know what forms to file, abide by the format, and know what evidence you can or cannot submit. By consulting with a lawyer, not only does this save you time on research but you can also be assured that you are doing everything in accordance with the legal system. Finally, all personal injury cases have to be filed within strict deadlines. There are statutes of limitations on filing and even if you are late by one day, your case could be thrown out. Lawyers know these dates and the urgency these situations require.

  4. Negotiations: When the insurer thinks you may be at fault, they may either refuse your claim or offer you a minimal amount of compensation. Insurers often try to bully people to come to a resolution and settlement. On the other hand, if you choose to hire a lawyer, the insurer is unlikely to play hardball or employ delaying tactics. Lawyers are very skilled at negotiations and they also know that they can take the case to trial if the insurer is not willing to offer the settlement they want. Plus, lawyers can also appeal any decision that is made by the courts. Finally, remember that a personal injury lawyer, through his or her training and experience, is fully aware when the offers are too low and how to negotiate for a better outcome.

  5. Go to trial: Let us say your injuries are serious and the insurer won’t reimburse you or is only willing to give you a small amount of money. One of the ways to win your case is to go to trial and who better to represent you than an experienced lawyer. Knowledgeable attorneys know how to prepare for a trial and conduct the proceedings. They know what evidence will be required to prove your injuries. They can also hire some of the best medical experts who can vouch for your medical injuries, treatment, and severity of the injury. If you want to sue your insurer, then you need a skilled and competent lawyer who knows how to deal with insurance companies.


A car accident can lead to major financial distress without the help of a knowledgeable car accident lawyer if you have to pay for all your medical bills and property damage. You may even lose your job and may never recover fully. To avoid any type of financial loss, it is highly recommended that you seek the expertise of a skilled personal injury lawyer. These professionals can get you the maximum amount of compensation with the least amount of additional hassle for you.