Negligent Security Advice from a Negligent Security Lawyer

Negligent Security Advice from a Negligent Security Lawyer

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Do I have a negligent security case?

Negligent Security is a legal concept that falls under premises liability and involves someone holding the property owner liable for their injuries and damages after a crime has occurred. Criminal acts that may lead to a negligent security case include robbery, assault, battery, rape, and even murder. If you or someone you loved has been injured as a result of these crimes, you may be able to sue the property owner for negligent security.

Similar to other premise liability cases, in order for the victim to sue the person or business who owns the property where they were injured, the plaintiff must prove negligence. In negligent security cases, the victim must show that the crime was foreseeable and the property owner failed to act with reasonable care to prevent crime and injuries on the property from happening.

Negligent security laws in Florida apply to various types of property owners and business managers, including property managers, landlords, and commercial business owners, including convenience store owners. If you have been injured as a result of a crime on someone else’s property, contact Clayton Trial Lawyers about your case today.

What must I prove in order to show the property owner was negligent?

The burden of proof for negligent security cases falls on the plaintiff or the injured person. This means that the plaintiff will have to meet four criteria in order to show that the defendant is liable for their damages in court and win a negligent security lawsuit against a property owner. The plaintiff must show that he or she was lawfully on the property; the property failed to provide adequate security measures; crime on the property was foreseeable; the victim or survivor suffered injuries and damages as a result of a crime on the property.

Property owners are not expected to predict every criminal act that occurs on their premises, but they must take precautions to provide security measures that help prevent crime from occurring. Also, if there has been a crime on a property, then the property owner must take further steps to ensure the safety of guests, tenants, or customers on the property.

Why hire Clayton Trial Lawyers for my Negligent Security case?

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