How Can an Intellectual Property Attorney Help Me?

intellectual property lawyer

An intellectual property (IP) lawyer can help individuals or businesses protect their intellectual property rights when it comes to both materials and ideas. “intellectual property” is a term used to signal an individual’s or business’s property rights in the creation of the mind, such as literary and artistic works, inventions, designs, images, names, or symbols.

Whether you are just creating an idea or material that needs legal protection or have an idea or material that has been infringed upon, an IP attorney can help you navigate the next steps to protect your rights and work. Situations that could involve an IP lawyer include the following.

Patent Registration and IP Protection

If you need to file for IP protection, an IP lawyer can assist you with filing a patent application. A patent will protect your invention from being copied by others or used. If you have created an original work, such as artwork, music, or books, an IP lawyer can help you file for copyright protection.

Trademark Registration and Protection

An IP lawyer can also help you with trademark registration. Trademark registration is crucial for companies that have a unique brand name, logo, symbol, or slogan. If you already have trademark rights and someone else has engaged in the unauthorized use of your trademark, then an IP lawyer can help you enforce your rights. Typically, an attorney can send a demand letter to the party and if necessary, file a lawsuit.

Copyright Infringement

With the internet, literary, artistic, and musical works are accessible to anyone with an internet connection—making copyright infringement all too common. If you have questions about whether or not your work has been infringed upon, or if infringement has already occurred, an IP attorney can guide you through the legal steps that need to be taken.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Sometimes you might want to share your idea or work. This typically happens when someone wants to license their intellectual property. In these situations, an IP lawyer can draft contracts and licensing agreements to best protect your work. If you are interested in obtaining a license for intellectual property, an Intellectual Property Lawyer can also help you do so.

Next Steps With an Intellectual Property Attorney

Despite precautions, disputes, and disagreements do happen. In order to protect your rights against others that want to appropriate or infringe upon your work, it is best to consult an attorney. An attorney can help you navigate the next steps, which may include obtaining and preserving evidence and what the best course of action may be. An Intellectual Property Attorney can begin legal proceedings and if necessary, litigate the matter to protect your intellectual property and pursue appropriate remedies.