What to do and What not to do After a Car Accident

Why Should I Purchase Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Florida’s Minimum Insurance Requirements Florida law requires drivers to carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL). Moreover, Florida is also a no-fault state, meaning that after a car accident, regardless of who is at fault, each driver’s own insurance coverage pays for medical expenses and […]

What Happens After a Truck Accident: 10 Procedures to Follow

In 2017 alone, there were over 32,000 truck-related accidents on Florida roads. And each year, the numbers have been gradually increasing. In the majority of cases, truck accidents involve a collision with smaller vehicles, like cars, vans, and motorbikes. Due to the larger size of the truck, the collision usually causes serious injuries and severe […]

Determining Liability After a Trucking Accident in Florida

When an accident occurs involving a truck (semi, big rig, commercial truck), the truck driver will always claim it wasn’t their fault. And, in almost every case, the trucker will blame the other motorists. The reason for denying liability is that in most trucking accidents the other party usually suffers life-threatening injuries and extensive property […]