7 Steps to Take After a Florida Car Accident

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Accidents happen. When car accidents happen, knowing the right steps to follow ensures that there is no further danger. It also ensures that if liability must be accessed, there is proper evidence to be considered.  The attorneys of Clayton Trial Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale are premier Florida car accident lawyers.  They know firsthand how important it is that drivers follow these seven steps after a car accident.

1. Check for Injuries, Then Call 911

Calling 911 seems like a logical first step, but before calling for help, you should attempt to determine if there are any injuries. After addressing any danger of further injury, make the call. Giving the dispatcher as much relevant information as possible allows them to send the necessary first responders if needed.

2. Move to Safety

Once help has arrived, they can help determine the best method of clearing the roadway based on the conditions of the vehicles and their occupants.

3. Take Pictures

If pictures can be taken safely before the vehicles are moved, they will be most useful. Pictures should include anything relevant to the accident, such as all vehicles and occupants, traffic lights or signs, and any property damage resulting from the accident. These pictures should be taken from as many angles as possible too.

4. Exchange Information

Under Florida law, each driver must file a claim for their own insurance. Drivers should still exchange contact information because there may be a need for you or your attorney to contact them directly if a suit is filed in small claims court.

5. Find Witnesses, Exchange Information

Police officers and first responders have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the community. If a witness comes forward voluntarily, their statement may be included in the report. If you know a bystander witnessed the accident, you can attempt to speak with them yourself. If they are willing to cooperate, you should obtain as much of their contact information as possible.

6. Record Details as Soon as Possible

The more time that passes, the less you will recall accurately. Taking the time to write down everything that you can remember that is relevant to the events of the accident can be very helpful later on. If you are unsure where to start, contact us today for more information.

7. Call an Attorney

The injury lawyers at Clayton Trial Lawyers are ready to talk about your accident or injury. In Fort Lauderdale, the attorneys at Clayton Trial Lawyers are your Florida Car Accident Lawyers.