If you file a lawsuit due to a cancer diagnosis received after taking the once-popular drug Zantac, how much might you expect to receive from a settlement? Will it be enough to compensate you for any doctor bills and health expenses, not to mention pain and suffering, that you might already have had to pay out of pocket?

No one wants to have to file a Zantac lawsuit, but no one wants to get cancer either from simply taking a medication that was meant to provide relief and comfort from heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux. You can’t have known if you weren’t warned and that’s the problem.


A public safety warning about the possible effects of taking Zantac and one of its potential cancer-causing ingredients, ranitidine, was made in September 2019. Ranitidine was lab-tested and found to have high levels of a chemical substance called NDMA (N-Nitrosodimethylamine), which is known to cause cancer.

The drug has been sold in the United States since 1983. After that safety warning, several retailers carrying the product pulled it from their shelves and offered consumers refunds. In April 2020, the FDA issued a formal recall against the product.


Thousands of individual lawsuits have been filed already, with thousands more expected to be filed in the next few years. A class action lawsuit is another way, besides an individual lawsuit, to be compensated with a Zantac settlement value. It has been speculated that class action lawsuits, which are shared by many claimants, could be worth billions of dollars. Zantac lawsuit settlement amounts are a direct result of the willful actions of manufacturers telling the public what they knew: that the ingredient ranitidine had been found to cause cancer.

This inaction on the part of the manufacturers has led to thousands of people receiving cancer diagnoses from taking the medication and led to the filing of lawsuits. The types of cancer known to be involved include colon, rectal, stomach, liver, kidney, bladder, and pancreatic.


The evidence against NDMA is strong. It is known to have caused cancer in every lab test performed for 40 years. The chemical is very toxic to the human body, especially the liver. This fact has been known since the 1970s. The chemical is an unintentional by-product of some industrial processes.

The “D” in NDMA is even a component in rocket fuel! No defendant can ever possibly refute the fact that the chemical is a contaminant and cancer causer. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has noted in the past that NDMA is a risk even in small doses. Zantac was available in 75 mg and 150 mg doses, with many users taking 300 mg. per day to ease their heartburn or indigestion; some people even took the drug to help with allergies. The World Health Organization (WHO) also lists NDMA as a carcinogen and has effectively linked the chemical to colorectal and gastric cancers.


The Zantac settlement value will most likely be subject to ratings in tiers, from the worst injury cases to lesser injury cases. It has been estimated that cases in the top tier could be worth as much as $500,000, while second tier cases are expected to range about half that, or $250,000. The lowest tier cases may be worth $100,000 or less, depending on the severity of the injury. Zantac lawsuit settlement amounts will probably not be completely settled or known until 2022 or after.

Zantac settlement values are expected to resolve in a multi-case global settlement since so many users are involved, not just in the United States but in at least 22 other countries, as well. Large cases such as this, where thousands upon thousands of consumers could be involved, can take a while, but hang in there!

If you or a loved one has experienced taking Zantac, your best course of action is to contact a knowledgeable and reputable attorney at Clayton Trial Lawyers and ask about your rights in filing a lawsuit to get compensation for your pain and suffering.